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Well, the weather outside is beyond frightful.

(Thank you Canada. Seriously what country has 90% of their map red with weather warnings at the same time! Especially cold related warnings, brrr.)


In honour of this cold snap, this little chicky is staying indoors catching up on blogging, writing, and baking.


Okay, okay, there should be some homework and cleaning in there too. I’ll get right on that


. . .




Anywho, while I’m off cleaning and working why don’t you warm up your day by watching this YouTube video of a former classmate of mine. ¬†She’s a wonderful girl and a talented musician to boot.


You know you want too.



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And Jesus left them crippled . . .

Whether you love Christianity or abhor it, the title of today’s post might just cause you to sit back and go “huh?”

Let’s face it, most faith’s like to promote all that their God can do and Christianity is no different.

The Gospels, four books focusing on the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, are filled with stories of the lame walking, the blind given sight, and the dead rising from their graves.
The narrative is full of teaching and correction but underneath those lessons rises an unrelenting hope of which these miracles give a taste.

However, even as early as the first chapter of Mark, Jesus is revealed as moving onward to other cities while people who were sick and in need remained in their brokenness while he moved forward.

In other words, sometimes, Jesus left them crippled.

But why?

How do you reconcile a¬†God who is proclaimed to be just, who is proclaimed to be loving, who is proclaimed under so many attributes that we equate with pure “goodness” with a God who would leave people in their brokenness?

A lot of it comes down to perspective.

In today’s society we are used to instant gratification. The idea that with a push of button, the dialing of a number, or the sending of a text things will get down. With our instant rewards and results it has become easy to forget that not every event, every desire, and every process can or should be instantaneous.

Instant gratification is wonderful when you’re making coffee but with some things our bodies, hearts, and minds were not designed to take the stress and trauma of instant reward or change. With areas as difficult as change, growth, or in some cases healing, the time it takes for these journeys to unfold is often a necessary part of the process and rushing through steps or even looking for ways to jump ahead can result in¬†devastating¬†effects.

Sometimes, we are left in circumstances due to the consequences of either our own or another’s actions. These situations tend to make people frustrated as words like “personal rights” and “injustice” tend to come into play. All to often, we compliment our lament over these situations by crying out accusations or wounded cries to a God that doesn’t seem present but, again, perspective.

Like children, we often wish to be left alone in our actions, without rules or structure in place that would limit our freedom or threaten our individual control. We fight for our rights. Yet, when things go wrong, we use it as proof that God doesn’t care or exist because how could a loving God let such things happen? Sadly, like children, we haven’t grasped that it can’t be both ways. God is not a toy to control or a machine whose instructions can be modified or inputted whenver our desires change, He is omnipotent and omniscient. It is in his grace that he allows us to reap the consequences of our actions, no matter how painful, for the benefit.

What kind of world would we live in if consequences no longer existed? If death was the only irrevocable outcome would anyone respect one another, would anyone strive to change? Would it be more likely that individuals would be overcome by personal pleasure and that greater injustice would actually exist. Without consequences there is no motive to change, grow, or improve like it or not, humanity simply hasn’t reached a place where we can overcome the defaults to our¬†behaviour¬†without the help of something greater than¬†ourselves.

Another, even less popular aspect to consider, is that sometimes the stories we’ve been given. It also grates upon human¬†sensibilities¬†that, perhaps, we were called to lives which were not free of challenge and pain. Pain is either repulsive or something to be mastered, the idea that it could have purpose in our life’s narratives is foreign to our clean worlds. But, does that discredit the notion? Are health and wellness religions with their cries to have more faith and you shall be healed correct or is there perhaps another way?

. . . and Jesus left them crippled . . .

In some ways, I wish that sentence was actually in scripture.¬†The idea of remaining “less than” is galling in our society. Perfection is our goal, productivity is our mantra.

What if having a disability didn’t mean less than? What if disability was actually a part of the human narrative?

Let’s see if I can make this coherent.

In the older days of less political correctness it was perfectly acceptable to refer to an individual as an invalid.

Look at that word in valid. The very word belies society’s view that to have a disability: emotional, mental , or physical is to be less than, to be lacking in some fundamental human way, to be invalidated in your existence and/or identity as a normal, human being.

Disability, on the other hand, implies a lack of ability, which when we consider in more detail, is something every single human being can admit to possessing.

Yep, I said it, we’re all disabled.

No one is completely self-sufficient¬†in every, single thing. there are always areas in which we need assistance and the support of our communities. It’s how we’re wired, it’s what makes us human.

My disability is physical.

However, I believe, it’s just as much of a¬†disability¬†to be unable to listen to those speaking, not due to deafness of the ears but of the heart.

Yes, formal disabilities may require more help and I applaud the procedures and aids which have been put in place to help those who struggle to find space within a¬†society¬†that strives for average. Don’t get me wrong, I will be equally grateful when the day comes where I don’t have to plan my to-do list around accessible buildings.

But, what would a paradigm shift like this do to those who were suffering?

What would it mean to recognize our innate humanness not as a weakness but as a difference to be embraced?

What would it do to our understanding of God, if disabilities weren’t viewed as God uncaring distance but as a carefully orchestrated plan which we can’t fully comprehend?

How would we change? How would we respond?

The year that was

It’s another year and we’re still here.

Personally, I’m in favour of the theory that the Mayans simply ran out of room, I mean, as my friend says the world can’t end in 2012 the Hobbit premieres in December ūüėõ

Just kidding . . .  well actually I do have a friend who says that.

I have strange friends which is why I love them so dearly.

2011 was an amazing year overall but in order to end on a positive let’s start with the negatives.

Drivers license = no

Yep, at almost 26 still no license. Between provincial standards in a new province, dizzy spells, and other random life events I still lack the ability to drive. It’s actually frustrating. I can’t really afford to learn how, I don’t have a car to learn or test in, but you can’t get a job without one. Your automatically less of a person without one of these baby’s in the eyes of the world and it sucks.

Health = pain in the . . .

Yeah, the EDS hasn’t been great this year, not to mention December’s weekly ER trips for infections of every colour. I think it’s time to admit I fall into the majority of EDSers and am showing signs of worsening as I grow older. I’ve always know it was a possibility but somehow the reality hits harder than I imagined. I love independence and to watch even little bits fade away is painful.


On the flip side


School = I finished College (for good this time) and started my Masters

Okay, Masters studies are so much more invigorating. Yes, the idea of loans are scary but I know this is where I’m supposed to be and I can’t remember the last time learning was this much fun. Minus a certain class which I’m pretty sure I slept through for the entire week.

Relationships = Anyone else hear bells?

That’s right, In one year I finally started dating my long time friend and he proposed just before Christmas! 2012 is coming up weddings, oh the planning. On the odd chance an EDSer drops by who’s been through this any EDS friendly tips you can send my way?

Housing = On the road again.

In May I moved out of dorms after 6 long years into my first apartment. I’ll admit the quiet is nice, as is doors with locks and my own kitchen. However, I do¬†occasionally¬†miss the dorm and the adventures it threw into your lap. As to where I’ll be next year, well same town but another move perhaps in July?


So there’s a brief breakdown.

My hope is to be more regular on this site as my old blog has been hit by spammers and is annoying me.   To all who are awake and able to look at the screen today Happy New Year.