YouTube highlights :D

Well, the weather outside is beyond frightful.

(Thank you Canada. Seriously what country has 90% of their map red with weather warnings at the same time! Especially cold related warnings, brrr.)


In honour of this cold snap, this little chicky is staying indoors catching up on blogging, writing, and baking.


Okay, okay, there should be some homework and cleaning in there too. I’ll get right on that


. . .




Anywho, while I’m off cleaning and working why don’t you warm up your day by watching this YouTube video of a former classmate of mine. Β She’s a wonderful girl and a talented musician to boot.


You know you want too.



Don’t forget to hit like when you’re finished watching πŸ˜€


Some favourite YouTube Finds

So, to balance out the last post here are two of my favourite late night YouTube finds πŸ™‚


My first offering is a wonderful fanvid from one of my favourite television shows Joss Whedon’s Firefly. It seemed slightly appropriate in light of earlier comments tonight.


My second offering is a far more light hearted affair. Yes, these are professional musicians having a blast and goofing off together. It always makes me smile πŸ˜€